Abbreviation for “parents are watching”. PRW is commonly used in newsgroups, chat rooms, instant messaging, text messaging, SMS, e-mail and other real time text-based communications.

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  • PSAP

    Short for public safety answering point, a physical location where 911 emergency telephone calls are received and then routed to the proper emergency services. See E911.

  • PSDN

    Short for packet-switched data network, a data communications network that is based on the principles of packet switching, as opposed to circuit switching that is used in public telephone networks. Packet-switched networks do not establish physical communication channels between communicating devices like circuit-switched networks do. Instead, signals are formed into fixed-length packets that are affixed […]

  • PSIP

    (pronounced P-SIP) Acronym for Program and Systems Information Protocol, is the ATSC standard for digital television channel naming, numbering and navigation.

  • PSK

    Short for phase-shift keying, a modulation technique used by modems in which different phase angles in the carrier signal are used to represent the binary states of 0 and 1. The simplest method of PSK, also called biphase modulation, uses two signal phases – 0 degrees and 180 degrees. The digital signal is broken up […]

  • PSN

    Short for packet-switched network, another name for a packet-switched data network.

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