recommended system requirements

See under system requirements.

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  • recommender systems

    An information filtering technology, commonly used on e-commerce Web sites that uses a collaborative filtering to present information on items and products that are likely to be of interest to the reader. In presenting the recommendations, the recommender system will use details of the registered user’s profile and opinions and habits of their whole community […]

  • Record

    )(1) In database management systems, a complete set of information. Records are composed of fields, each of which contains one item of information. A set of records constitutes a file. For example, a personnel file might contain records that have three fields: a name field, an address field, and a phone number field. In relational […]

  • rectifier

    (rek´ti-fī´´&r) (n.) A component of a circuit that allows current to pass in one direction yet blocks the flow of current in the other direction. Rectifiers are used to convert AC into DC. A PC��s PSU typically contains a rectifier.

  • recursion

    A programming method in which a routine calls itself. Recursion is an extremely powerful concept, but it can strain a computer’s memory resources. Some programming languages, such as LISP and Prolog, are specifically designed to use recursive methods.

  • recycle bin

    (rē-sī´k&l bin) (n.) An icon on the Windows desktop that represents a directory where deleted files are temporarily stored. This enables you to retrieve files that you may have accidentally deleted. From time to time, you’ll want to purge the recycle bin to free up space on your hard disk. You can also configure Windows […]

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