Pronounced siss-op, short for system operator, an individual who manages a bulletin board system (BBS) , online service , or special interest group (SIG).

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  • System

    (1)A group of interdependent items that interact regularly to perform a task. (2)An established or organized procedure; a method. (3) A computer system refers to the hardware and softwarecomponents that run a computer or computers. (4) An information systemis a system that collects and stores data. (5) On Macintoshes, System is short for System file, […]

  • System Administrator

    An individual responsible for maintaining a multi-user computer system, including a local-area network (LAN). Typical duties include: Adding and configuring new workstations Setting up user accounts Installing system-wide software Performing procedures to prevent the spread of viruses Allocating mass storage space The system administrator is sometimes called the sysadmin or the systems administrator. Small organizations […]

  • system bus

    The bus that connects the CPU to main memory on the motherboard. I/O buses, which connect the CPU with the systems other components, branch off of the system bus. The system bus is also called the frontside bus, memory bus, local bus, or host bus.

  • system call

    The invocation of an operating system routine. Operating systems contain sets of routines for performing various low-level operations. For example, all operating systems have a routine for creating a directory. If you want to execute an operating system routine from a program, you must make a system call.

  • system Linux

    The system Linux command will execute a shell command specified by calling the /bi/sh -c command. SIGCHLD will be blocked and SIGINT and SIGQUIT will be ignored while executing the system() command. See Linux and operating system terms in

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