To send a document from one place to another via a fax machine.

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  • telematics

    Refers to the broad industry related to using computers in concert with telecommunications systems. This includes dial-up service to the Internet as well as all types of networks that rely on a telecommunications system to transport data. The term has evolved to refer to systems used in automobiles that combine wireless communication with GPS tracking. […]

  • telephony

    The science of translating sound into electrical signals, transmitting them, and then converting them back to sound; that is, the science of telephones. The term is used frequently to refer to computer hardware and software that performs functions traditionally performed by telephone equipment. For example, telephony software can combine with your modem to turn your […]

  • telephoto lens

    A camera lens that has a narrow angle of view, and a longer than usual focal length. The effects of a telephoto lens are akin to using binoculars; the image is magnified making the subject seem closer than it actually is.

  • telepresence

    The term used to describe a set of technologies, such as high definition audio, video, and other interactive elements that enable people to feel or appear as if they were present in a location which they are not physically in. Used mainly as a collaboration tool, telepresence is used by vendors, including Cisco to help […]

  • TOSsed

    Slang term used to indicate a user who has violated a Web site’s TOS, or Terms of Service. Such a user would say they have been “TOSsed”.

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