An expression used to describe the ‘world of Twitter’.

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  • Twitter

    A free social messaging tool that lets people stay connected through brief text message updates up to 140 characters in length. Twitter is based on you answering the question “What are you doing?” You then post thoughts, observations, and goings-on during the day. Your update is posted on your Twitter profile page through SMS text […]

  • TwitterTroll

    The name of a free online service that searches Twitter in real-time. TwitterTroll can be used to help you find Twitterers with similar interests as yourself.

  • Twitter Sparq

    The name of the first advertising service for Twitter. Sparq provides a self-service interface that lets advertisers quickly set up the ads. The ads appear on the right-hand column on Twitter as Tweet Now. When someone clicks on the link, it automatically populates the tweet box with the advertiser’s message. This can include a link, […]

  • Twitter following

    On the Twitter Web site “following” someone means you will see their tweets (Twitter updates) in your personal timeline. Twitter lets you see who you follow and also who is following you. Followers are people who receive other people’s Twitter updates.

  • Twitter-ific

    Short for “Twitter and terrific” it is a slang term used to describe something terrific you find on Twitter.

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