Ubuntu Variants

The Ubuntu Linux-based operating system (OS) has spawned a number of official and non-official variants that generally differ from the main Ubuntu release in one or two small, but very specific, ways. Some of the more prominent Ubuntu variants include

Kubuntu: Ubuntu with KDE as the graphical desktop instead of Gnome
Macbuntu: Ubuntu with a Mac OS X-inspired desktop shell
Lubuntu: Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop instead of Gnome
Xubuntu: Ubuntu with the Xfce desktop instead of Gnome
Mythbuntu: a Xubuntu-based, Xfce4 desktop OS variant with MythTV installed
Edubuntu: an education-focused variant of Ubuntu
Ubuntu Studio: a multimedia-focused variant of Ubuntu
Gobuntu: an Ubuntu base previously developed for other free software platforms but no longer in development

There are also a number of Ubuntu variants customized and optimized for specific languages and regions, including:

Runtu: an Ubuntu-based OS optimized for Russian users
Cobuntu: an Ubuntu-based OS optimized for Korean users)
Sabily: an Ubuntu-based OS optimized for Muslim users

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