Short for unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam).

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  • UDDI

    Short for Universal Description, Discovery and Integration. A Web-based distributed directory that enables businesses to list themselves on the Internet and discover each other, similar to a traditional phone book’s yellow and white pages.

  • Universal Disk Format

    (n.) Abbreviated as UDF, a universal vendor-independent file system for optical media designed for data interchange and portability, allowing an operating system to read, write and modify data stored on optical media that was created by another operating system. DVDs are based on the UDF format and CD-R and CD-RW disks use UDF as an […]


    A hybrid filesystem that uses both UDF and ISO 9660. Also called a UDF bridge, it was commonly used until Microsoft incorporated support for UDF in its operating system, starting with Windows 98.

  • UDP

    (1) Short for User Datagram Protocol. (2) Short for Usenet Death Penalty

  • UDRP

    Short for Uniform Dispute Resolution policy.

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