Pronounced V-dot -thirty-two, V.32 is short for the CCITT V.32 communications standard. See under CCITT.

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  • V.34

    Pronounced V-dot -thirty-four, V.34 is short for the CCITT V.34 communications standard. See under CCITT.

  • V.35

    An ITU standard for high-speed synchronous data exchange. In the U.S., V.35 is the interface standard used by most routers and DSUs that connect to T-1 carriers.

  • V.42

    Pronounced V-dot -forty-two, V.42 is short for the CCITT V.42 communications

  • V.90

    A standard for 56-Kbps modems approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in February, 1998. The V.90 standard resolves the battle between the two competing 56 Kbps technologies — X2 from 3COM and K56flex from Rockwell Semiconductor. Both manufacturers have announced that their future modems will conform to V.90. In addition, most users who already […]

  • V.92

    V.92 is a dial-up modem specification from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) that introduces new features providing convenience and performance for the modem user, when compared to V.90. The V.92 specification provides many enhancements over V.92 including faster connect times, increased upload speeds, and features Quick Connect, which shortens the time it takes to make […]

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