(1) A popular data compression format. Files that have been compressed with the ZIP format are called ZIP files and usually end with a.ZIP extension.


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  • ZSL

    Short for zero-slot LAN, a local-area network (LAN) that uses existing serial and/or parallel communication ports on the computers in the network instead of requiring network interface cards (NICs) that would occupy an expansion slot. Zero-slot LANs are typically slower than LANS that use NICs and are limited to two or three network nodes.

  • ZOUT

    An abbreviation commonly found on GPS and other small handheld devices that represents the zoom out function on the device. The button for this function may also be marked with a minus sign similar to ZOUT(-).

  • ZV Port

    Short for zoomed video port, a port that enables data to be transferred directly from a PC Card to a VGA controller. The port is actually a connection to a zoomed video bus. This new bus was designed by the PCMCIA to enable notebook computers to connect to real-time multimedia devices such as video cameras. […]

  • Z-buffer

    An area in graphics memory reserved for storing the Z-axis value of each pixel.

  • Z-buffering

    An algorithm used in 3-D graphics to determine which objects, or parts of objects, are visible and which are hidden behind other objects. With Z-buffering, the graphics processor stores the Z-axis value of each pixel in a special area of memory called the Z-buffer . Different objects can have the same x- and y-coordinate values, […]

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