noun disgrace
Synonyms for abasement
noun disgrace




Antonyms for abasement




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  • Abases oneself

    verb humble oneself Synonyms for abases oneself verb humble oneself fawn toady cringe grovel truckle brownnose apple-polish abase oneself verb condescend Synonyms verb condescend degenerate deteriorate stoop concede patronize abase oneself humble oneself lower oneself Antonyms improve ascend increase develop go up rise

  • Abash

    verb embarrass Synonyms for abash verb embarrass rattle disconcert Antonyms for abash soothe

  • Abashed

    adj exhibiting mental discomfort, ill at ease Synonyms for abashed adj exhibiting mental discomfort, ill at ease discombobulated bewildered confounded humiliated confused disconcerted embarrassed shamed ashamed chagrined humbled fazed mortified bugged rattled fuddled crushed in a tizzy taken aback Antonyms for abashed understanding composed clear oriented at ease emboldened proud reassured

  • Abashings

    noun disorientation Synonyms for abashings noun disorientation turmoil bewilderment embarrassment turbulence distraction demoralization pother puzzlement bemusement flap dither chagrin tumult agitation commotion befuddlement perturbation fluster stew abashment perplexity discomfiture lather disturbing embarrassing perplexing unsettling upsetting disorientation abashing addling befuddling blurring cluttering confounding disarranging discomfiting dumbfounding embroiling mixup mystification obscuring stirring up tangling Antonyms for abashings […]

  • Abashment

    noun embarrassment Synonyms for abashment noun embarrassment distress discomposure confusion chagrin shame discomfiture mortification Antonyms for abashment happiness pleasure

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