Abstract thought

noun logical thinking
Synonyms for abstract thought
noun logical thinking


systematic thought

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  • Abstract principles

    noun vague notion Synonyms for abstract principles noun vague notion abstraction observation principle law generalization universality half-truth abstract principle loose statement sweeping statement Antonyms for abstract principles detail specific specificity

  • Abstracted

    adj preoccupied Synonyms for abstracted adj preoccupied daydreaming withdrawn absent-minded inattentive remote lost in thought out in space out to lunch

  • Abstractedly

    adv without thinking Synonyms for abstractedly adv without thinking unwittingly unintentionally carelessly habitually unknowingly automatically disregardfully heedlessly inattentively neglectfully thoughtlessly unthinkingly Antonyms for abstractedly deliberately intentionally knowingly consciously willfully

  • Abstraction

    noun state of being lost in thought Synonyms for abstraction noun state of being lost in thought remoteness contemplation reflection reverie thinking absorption daydreaming aloofness detachment engrossment musing trance consideration cogitation preoccupation brooding entrancement pensiveness pondering reflecting ruminating Antonyms for abstraction disdain disregard ignorance neglect

  • Abstractly

    adv in theory Synonyms for abstractly adv in theory theoretically conceivably hypothetically

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