noun deep hole
Synonyms for abysm
noun deep hole



bottomless pit

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  • Abysmal

    adj great extent; immeasurable Synonyms for abysmal adj great extent; immeasurable bottomless boundless complete deep endless extreme incalculable infinite profound thorough unending unfathomable vast illimitable Antonyms for abysmal infinite low adj extending deeply Synonyms adj extending deeply bottomless fathomless plumbless plummetless Antonyms infinite low

  • Abyss

    noun something very deep, usually a feature of land Synonyms for abyss noun something very deep, usually a feature of land void depth crevasse chasm gulf fissure gorge hole pit abysm

  • Abyssal

    adj unfathomable Synonyms for abyssal adj unfathomable abysmal cavernous deep immeasurable

  • Abstaining

    verb hold back from doing Synonyms for abstain verb hold back from doing quit renounce refrain withhold forgo cease shun forbear decline refuse spurn avoid eschew stop fast abjure curb evade pass constrain abnegate do without pass up ve deny oneself fence-sit give the go by give up go on the wagon keep from sit […]

  • Ac-dc

    adj bisexual Synonyms for AC-DC adj bisexual androgynous gay ambidextrous epicene bi double-gaited gynandrous hermaphroditic hits both ways intersexual monoclinous swings both ways switch-hitting

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