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noun accepted meaning




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  • Acceptant

    adj receptive Synonyms for acceptant adj receptive amenable open open-minded accepting acceptive

  • Accepted

    adj generally agreed upon Synonyms for accepted adj generally agreed upon established confirmed customary sanctioned received welcomed universal time-honored acknowledged conventional recognized fashionable popular preferred endorsed approved authorized chosen accustomed current in vogue kosher normal orthodox regular standard straight unopposed usual legit credited okayed passed allowed touted arrived at card-carrying Antonyms for accepted abnormal unusual […]

  • Accepted apology

    verb stop blame and grant pardon Synonyms for accepted apology verb stop blame and grant pardon excuse condone forget absolve efface purge acquit amnesty palliate spring clear overlook remit pocket relent commute respite exempt release exculpate reprieve extenuate exonerate bear with bury the hatchet let off accept apology allow for bear no malice dismiss from […]

  • Accepted a challenge

    verb challenge what someone is claiming Synonyms for accepted a challenge verb challenge what someone is claiming accept a challenge issue a challenge to take a dare take one up on

  • Accepted conduct

    noun good manners Synonyms for accepted conduct noun good manners dignity modesty decorum correctness rectitude decency respectability etiquette politesse protocol refinement mores delicacy courtesy punctilio seemliness breeding rules of conduct good form civilities politeness amenities niceties good behavior social conventions social grace the done thing Antonyms for accepted conduct indecency impropriety bad manners inappropriateness unsuitableness […]

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