Synonyms for accuser
noun person laying blame




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  • Accusing

    Synonyms for accuse verb place blame for wrongdoing, fault prosecute sue name brand summon denounce cite blame arrest charge indict attack arraign implicate allege complain litigate apprehend attribute frame tax criminate impeach incriminate slur slander impute finger libel censure inculpate betray blow the whistle pin on recriminate bring charges file claim hang something on hold […]

  • Accustom

    Synonyms for accustom verb get used to adapt acquaint habituate season familiarize acclimatize acculturate

  • Accustomed

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  • Accustomed to

    Synonyms for accustomed to adj used to acclimated to acclimatized to adapted to adjusted to familiar with in the habit of

  • Accustomedness

    Synonyms for accustomedness noun condition of something resulting from change correspondence compliance agreement acclimatization naturalization habituation familiarization assuefaction Antonyms for accustomedness disagreement

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