Synonyms for accustom
verb get used to





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  • Accustomings

    Synonyms for accustomings noun adoption acclimatization acculturation nationalization rooting habituation conditioning accustoming adapting

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    Synonyms for acdc adj bisexual androgynous gay ambidextrous epicene bi double-gaited gynandrous hermaphroditic hits both ways intersexual monoclinous swings both ways switch-hitting Synonyms adj able and usually willing to change resilient flexible compliant malleable versatile AC-DC adjustable changeable conformable convertible ductile plastic pliable pliant supple tractable variable alterable moldable all around can-do easy-going hanging loose […]

  • Ace

    Synonyms for ace adj exhibiting expertise in some activity great champion expert virtuoso master distinguished brilliant excellent first-rate outstanding superb Antonyms for ace insignificant unknown unskilled amateur inept Synonyms noun expert in some activity winner champion pro wizard virtuoso genius master Antonyms amateur rookie clod ignoramus

  • Ace bandage

    Synonyms for Ace bandage noun elastic bandage elastic support bandage stretchable bandage

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    Synonyms for ace in the hole noun hidden advantage reserve trump card decisive argument decisive resource secret advantage secret weapon sure advantage ace up one’s sleeve card up one’s sleeve

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