Synonyms for aces
adj great





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  • Acest

    Synonyms for ace adj exhibiting expertise in some activity great champion expert virtuoso master distinguished brilliant excellent first-rate outstanding superb Antonyms for acest insignificant unknown unskilled amateur inept

  • Acetic

    Synonyms for acetic adj tart acid biting sour

  • Acetose

    Synonyms for acetose adj bitter, sour acerbic dry piquant sharp tart acerb Antonyms for acetose kind sugary sweet nice Synonyms adj bad-tasting; gone bad sharp acid acrid biting pungent caustic briny musty peppery unpleasant salty piquant acidic rancid bitter dry astringent stinging keen bad cutting green tart acetic unripe unsavory unwholesome acerb acetous soured fermented […]

  • Acetous

    Synonyms for acetous adj sour acerb acerbic acidulous acrid bitter harsh tangy tart vinegarish vinegary

  • Acetylene lamp

    Synonyms for acetylene lamp noun carbide lamp miner’s lamp

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