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  • Actors

    Synonyms for actor noun person who performs, entertains by role-playing artist character clown player villain comedian entertainer thespian impersonator amateur ham lead extra understudy mimic foil mime idol stooge bit player ingenue performer trouper stand-in walk-on play-actor pantomimist ventriloquist headliner barnstormer soubrette hambone ingénue straight person thesp Antonyms for actors audience fan

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    Synonyms for actress noun woman actor leading lady ingenue prima donna let diva Usage Notes See -ess.

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    Synonyms for acts a part verb pretend to be another portray imitate mimic represent play ditto do perform fake mirror act enact ape put on an act pose as masquerade as act like personate playact act a part act out assume character do an impression of double as dress as make like pass oneself off […]

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