Synonyms for adjective
noun word that modifies a noun





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  • Adjied

    Synonyms for adjied verb incite, stimulate rouse arouse inspire energize whip up inflame trigger galvanize affect kindle touch prompt spark provoke spur raise abet set move actuate agitate rile rally animate waken craze quicken electrify rout motivate whet vitalize urge excite wake spook awaken foment thrill challenge drive impel roust work up bestir add fuel […]

  • Adjies

    Synonyms for adjies noun person who disturbs, causes trouble malcontent reactionary radical firebrand demagogue propagandist zealot anarchist troublemaker revolutionary heretic instigator fighter champion rabble-rouser pusher partisan advocate agent inciter dissident incendiary ringleader rebel leftist provocateur reformer fomenter revisionist mover dogmatist adjy disrupter sparkplug wave maker Antonyms for adjies moderate Synonyms verb incite, stimulate rouse arouse […]

  • Adjoin

    Synonyms for adjoin verb be next to abut lie join verge communicate approximate link connect neighbor butt touch border be adjacent to lie beside Antonyms for adjoin disconnect detach divide separate Synonyms verb attach annex affix join couple unite add link connect combine append interconnect Antonyms detach disjoin disconnect subtract divide separate withdraw

  • Adjoining

    Synonyms for adjoining adj being next to neighboring contiguous adjacent joined near touching connecting interconnecting conterminous abutting impinging juxtaposed verging joining approximal bordering on coterminous next door Antonyms for adjoining divided detached separate

  • Adjoinings

    Synonyms for adjoinings noun process of conjoining, adding extension inclusion enlargement annexation augmentation accession attachment adjoining increasing adding affixing Antonyms for adjoinings decrease lessening loss reduction shrinkage subtraction withdrawal deduction

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