Synonyms for administrant
noun executive





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  • Administrate

    Synonyms for administrate verb carry out dispense execute distribute apportion allocate dole dole out mete mete out Antonyms for administrate hold keep Synonyms verb administer govern organize run oversee manage direct superintend supervise Antonyms obey serve mismanage

  • Administration

    Synonyms for administration noun management of an organization or effort control government agency legislation rule authority policy organization jurisdiction dispensation strategy guidance regulation surveillance application charge conduct performance oversight enforcement direction power governing running disposition execution provision handling supervision superintendence command distribution order conducting administering directing overseeing Antonyms for administration disorganization lawlessness inefficiency ignorance disregard […]

  • Administrative agencies

    Synonyms for administrative agencies noun a department of state department bureau administrative agency executive branch

  • Administrative agency

    Synonyms for administrative agency noun a department of state department bureau executive branch

  • Administrator

    Synonyms for administrator noun person who manages organization head executive supervisor custodian official bureaucrat chief authority commander director manager officer organizer judge superintendent inspector leader dean minister ambassador chairperson producer exec consul premier governor boss overseer President chair captain front office controller CEO mayor head honcho head person person upstairs prez Antonyms for administrator follower […]

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