Synonyms for admittance
noun permission to enter





Antonyms for admittance




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  • Admitted

    Synonyms for admit verb allow entry or use grant receive permit introduce sign concede accept enter take buy okay shelter harbor house bless initiate entertain let lodge suffer take in be big on give access give the nod give thumbs up let in sign off on Antonyms for admitted deny refuse disallow reject erase dispute […]

  • Admitted defeat

    Synonyms for admitted defeat verb give in, surrender buy leave bow succumb capitulate relinquish cede collapse relax abdicate sag submit defer fold relent break resign go abandon crumple bend back down hand over knuckle under give up give way knuckle admit defeat call it quits cave in come to terms fold up give oneself over […]

  • Admitted guilt

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  • Admitted of comparison with

    Synonyms for admitted of comparison with verb meet expectations approach arrive equal extend match reach resemble rival admit of comparison with bear comparison with come near compare with get near measure up to rank with stand comparison with

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    Synonyms for admittedly adv without a doubt easily certainly absolutely indeed well actually unquestionably surely literally honestly truly undoubtedly genuinely assuredly de facto in effect indubitably of course positively precisely verily legitimately as a matter of fact authentically beyond doubt categorically for real in actuality in fact in point of fact in reality no ifs […]

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