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Synonyms for adorned
adj trimmed




Antonyms for adorned



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  • Adorning

    Synonyms for adorn verb decorate trim bedeck dress up deck spruce up embellish beautify grace enrich furbish ornament enhance array garnish doll up fix up gussy up Antonyms for adorning disfigure mar decrease damage deform spoil reduce hurt uglify leave plain

  • Adornings

    Synonyms for adornings noun the act of clothing robing decking appareling adorning arraying getting dressed

  • Adjusts to

    Synonyms for adjusts to verb adopt, conform abide by agree comply cooperate follow heed observe adjust to be guided by fall in with judge from take as guide

  • Adjusts

    Synonyms for adjust verb become or make prepared, adapted conform fine-tune accustom fix modify accommodate tailor adapt regulate alter compose reconcile fit doctor rectify dispose acclimatize order habituate settle redress suit harmonize remodel tune arrange fix up quadrate tailor-make do as Romans do fiddle with get act together get it together grin and bear it […]

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