Synonyms for ad
noun advertisement





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  • Adscititious

    Synonyms for adscititious adj supplemental additional adventitious incidental

  • Adulate

    Synonyms for adulate verb flatter fawn gush praise worship brown-nose apple polish fall all over kiss feet

  • Adulation

    Synonyms for adulation noun overenthusiastic praise applause commendation flattery worship blandishment fawning sycophancy audation bootlicking Antonyms for adulation abuse criticism Other adjectives related to adulation abject blandiloquent courtierly down on one’s marrow fulsome honey oily plausible servile sniveling supple adulatory caressed cringing fawning gnathonic honeyed osculant pliant slavish soapy supple as a glove base caressing […]

  • Adulator

    Synonyms for adulator noun sycophant toady flatterer lackey apple polisher brownnose flunkey fawner

  • Adulatory

    Synonyms for adulatory adj flattering appreciative congratulatory respectful polite courtly fawning honeyed laudatory unctuous approbatory commendatory approbative approving celebrating encomiastic encomiastical eulogistic fair-spoken highly favorable honoring panegyrical plauditory praiseful sycophantic well-wishing with high praise with highest recommendation Antonyms for adulatory unmannerly disparaging insulting unflattering blaming censuring critical denouncing reproachful for sale Synonyms adj refined manner […]

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