Synonyms for adventitious
adj from outside




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  • Adventure

    Synonyms for adventure noun risky or unexpected undertaking exploit feat trip experience scene peril happening undertaking jeopardy incident hazard endangerment chance venture enterprise contingency speculation occurrence emprise Antonyms for adventure safety abstention protection reality avoidance inaction inactivity inertia latency passiveness stillness plan assurance certainty fact surety truth

  • Adventure park

    Synonyms for adventure park noun entertainment venue amusement park carnival safari park water park

  • Adventure parks

    Synonyms for adventure parks noun entertainment venue amusement park carnival adventure park safari park water park

  • Adventured

    Synonyms for adventured adj risked tried tested experimented attempted gambled dared hazarded chanced Synonyms verb take a risk; be courageous undertake attempt presume stake hazard try brave adventure venture endanger endeavor speculate gamble risk go ahead be bold make bold pluck up run the risk take a chance take heart try one’s hand Antonyms abstain […]

  • Adventurer

    Synonyms for adventurer noun person who takes risks mercenary swashbuckler entrepreneur daredevil traveler charlatan gambler madcap hero explorer wanderer opportunist venturer heroine speculator pioneer pirate romantic voyager globetrotter fortune-hunter stunt person

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