Synonyms for advisement
noun careful considering




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  • Adviser

    Synonyms for adviser noun mentor coach consultant counselor confidant aide instructor monitor tipster nestor admonitor

  • Adviser to the court

    Synonyms for adviser to the court noun friend of the court friend at court friend in court

  • Advisers

    Synonyms for adviser/advisor noun person who recommends, teaches, or otherwise helps Dutch uncle aide attorney authority backseat driver coach confidant consultant counsel counselor director doctor expert friend guide helper instructor judge kibitzer lawyer mentor monitor partner priest referee teacher tutor buttinski clubhouse lawyer quarterback righthand person second-guesser Synonyms noun mentor coach consultant counselor confidant aide […]

  • Advises

    Synonyms for advise verb offer recommendation urge charge prepare suggest encourage commend direct warn admonish instruct caution recommend point out counsel advocate prompt prescribe move exhort update forewarn tout enjoin dissuade opine guide steer preach kibitz give a pointer give a tip level with put bug in ear put in two cents Antonyms for advises […]

  • Advises against

    Synonyms for advises against verb talk out of prevent discourage thwart faze deter warn divert hinder counsel prick exhort expostulate deprecate remonstrate derail chicken out put off throw off turn off disincline advise against caution against cry out against disadvise lean on persuade not to throw a wet blanket on throw cold water on urge […]

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