Synonyms for affective
adj concerning feelings and intuition





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  • Affectivity

    Synonyms for affectivity noun emotional attachment affection emotion feeling sentiment

  • Affects

    Synonyms for affect verb influence, affect emotionally disturb upset influence involve interest touch alter change regard inspire perturb relate prevail move impress transform induce sway modify impinge stir overcome act on Antonyms for affects remain dissuade calm surrender stagnate order hold continue keep discourage stay leave alone Synonyms verb pretend, imitate feign bluff assume adopt […]

  • Afferent

    Synonyms for afferent adj affecting animate nerve organs auditory visual sensual tactile sensational acoustic audible auricular clear discernible distinct ocular perceptible plain receptive sensible optic sonic neurological neural audiovisual olfactory aural gustative gustatory hearable lingual olfactive ophthalmic phonic sensatory

  • Afferent neuron

    Synonyms for afferent neuron noun cell of the nervous system sensory cell sensory neuron

  • Afferent neurons

    Synonyms for afferent neurons noun cell of the nervous system afferent neuron sensory cell sensory neuron

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