Synonyms for affils
noun organization that is associated with another




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  • Affiliations

    Synonyms for affiliation noun association with an organization connection partnership relationship alliance crowd tie-in gang ring bunch amalgamation union crew cahoots combination outfit incorporation syndicate mob conjunction clan league hookup coalition confederation merging joining banding together Antonyms for affiliations disunion divorce separation division detachment dissolution

  • Affinity

    Synonyms for affinity noun liking or inclination toward something weakness closeness rapport sympathy fondness leaning affection thing partiality attraction compatibility cotton cup of tea druthers good vibrations same wavelength simpatico Antonyms for affinity dislike hate hatred dissimilarity Synonyms noun similarity resemblance closeness kinship correspondence similitude semblance likeness relationship alikeness connection alliance relation analogy association Antonyms […]

  • Affinity card

    Synonyms for affinity card noun custom credit card credit card gold card membership card platinum card

  • Affinity group

    Synonyms for affinity group noun special interest group political action committee pressure group PAC single-issue group special interests

  • Affirm

    Synonyms for affirm verb declare the truth of something repeat confirm ratify insist assert maintain profess declare guarantee attest predicate avow set avouch certify pronounce vouch ice testify state swear asseverate cinch aver clinch okay witness nail down cross heart have a lock on lock up put on ice rubber-stamp say so swear on bible […]

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