Synonyms for agileness
noun agility





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  • Agility

    Synonyms for agility noun physical or mental nimbleness, deftness quickness cleverness sharpness swiftness dexterity celerity sprightliness adroitness expedition fleetness dispatch liveliness alacrity suppleness friskiness acuteness promptness activity alertness litheness promptitude briskness quickwittedness spryness Antonyms for agility clumsiness stiffness slowness sluggishness slowing

  • Agin

    Synonyms for agin adj antagonistic conflicting antithetical incompatible contrary inconsistent counter reverse opposite converse antipodal con adverse against counteractive diametric discrepant incongruous irreconcilable opposing ornery polar repugnant antipodean paradoxical anti antithetic negating no go nullifying Antonyms for agin harmonious consonant similar agreeing reconciled equal same confirming consistent reconcilable vouching

  • Aging

    Synonyms for aging noun becoming older maturing waning crumbling stale fading mellowing slumping developing fermenting declining getting along getting on senescent wearing out Concept Thesaurus for word aging 2. RELATIVE TIME; Time with reference to succession Synonyms – noun age golden years anility declining years superannuation vale of years threescore years and ten time of […]

  • Agitable

    Synonyms for agitable adj easily upset or inspired restless fidgety demonstrative impulsive high-strung fiery hysterical skittish temperamental edgy emotional enthusiastic fierce hasty hot-tempered impatient impetuous inflammable intolerant irascible mercurial moody nervous neurotic passionate peevish quick quick-tempered rash reckless sensitive susceptible testy touchy uncontrolled uneasy vehement violent volatile alarmable galvanic hot-headed overzealous short fused volcanic Antonyms […]

  • Agitate

    Synonyms for agitate verb shake physically disturb churn beat toss rock convulse rouse stir concuss Antonyms for agitate calm lull quiet soothe tranquilize not bother Synonyms verb disturb, trouble someone work up disturb perturb excite alarm confuse distract inflame fluster incite disconcert move examine arouse debate craze discompose ventilate disquiet bug worry ferment stir dispute […]

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