Synonyms for agitated
adj disturbed




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  • Agitating

    Synonyms for agitate verb shake physically disturb churn beat toss rock convulse rouse stir concuss Antonyms for agitating calm lull quiet soothe tranquilize not bother Synonyms verb disturb, trouble someone work up disturb perturb excite alarm confuse distract inflame fluster incite disconcert move examine arouse debate craze discompose ventilate disquiet bug worry ferment stir dispute […]

  • Agitation

    Synonyms for agitation noun shaking, mixing unrest turmoil disturbance upheaval turbulence tizzy commotion stirring discomposure churning rocking tossing Antonyms for agitation calm tranquility harmony peace order Concept Thesaurus for word agitation 4. Motion with reference to direction Synonyms – noun agitation ripple jerk quiver quassation flutter. turmoil hubbub racket epilepsy floccillation spasm convulsion. fermentation cahotage […]

  • Agitative

    Synonyms for agitative adj inspiring, exhilarating intriguing thrilling impressive interesting breathtaking astonishing appealing dramatic flashy lively hectic dangerous moving stimulating provocative overwhelming bracing rousing arresting overpowering animating fine stirring intoxicating eye-popping far-out groovy hair-raising mind-blowing neat racy sensational showy spine-tingling wild exhilarant arousing titillating commoving impelling electrifying heady melodramatic rip-roaring zestful Antonyms for agitative boring […]

  • Agitator

    Synonyms for agitator noun person who disturbs, causes trouble malcontent reactionary radical firebrand demagogue propagandist zealot anarchist troublemaker revolutionary heretic instigator fighter champion rabble-rouser pusher partisan advocate agent inciter dissident incendiary ringleader rebel leftist provocateur reformer fomenter revisionist mover dogmatist adjy disrupter sparkplug wave maker Antonyms for agitator moderate

  • Agitprop

    Synonyms for agitprop noun information that is designed to mislead or persuade hype indoctrination publicity hogwash announcement publication promulgation brainwashing handout advertising doctrine promotion evangelism disinformation inculcation implantation newspeak proselytism Antonyms for agitprop truth

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