Synonyms for airdrop
verb transport


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  • Airdropped

    Synonyms for airdropped verb transport fly airdrop

  • Airdropping

    Synonyms for airdropping verb transport fly airdrop

  • Airdrops

    Synonyms for airdrops verb transport fly airdrop

  • Aired

    Synonyms for aired adj exposed to the air opened ventilated oxygenated Antonyms for aired concealed undisclosed closed stuffy secret Synonyms adj exposed to public attention voiced exposed disclosed revealed publicized brought to light made known made public Antonyms concealed undisclosed closed stuffy secret Concept Thesaurus for word aired 2. Fluid matter; specific fluids Synonyms – […]

  • Aired out

    Synonyms for aired out verb disinfect, ventilate decontaminate vaporize deodorize purify sterilize fan sanitize freshen circulate antisepticize air out Antonyms for aired out dirty

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