Synonyms for alignment
noun lining up





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  • Aligns

    Synonyms for align verb line up, arrange next to coordinate adjust regulate even range fix order straighten allineate even up make parallel Antonyms for aligns disorganize disorder mess up disjoin break divide separate Synonyms verb join; bring to agreement cooperate agree associate follow sympathize ally affiliate enlist join sides Antonyms shun avoid disregard mess up […]

  • Alike

    Synonyms for alike adj similar identical similar like Xerox akin allied analogous approximate carbon copy cognate comparable concurrent correspondent corresponding dead ringer ditto double duplicate equal equivalent even facsimile indistinguishable kindred look-alike matched matching parallel proportionate related resembling same spitting image uniform associated mated same difference undifferentiated Antonyms for alike dissimilar unlike diverse opposite different […]

  • Alikeness

    Synonyms for alikeness noun likeness correspondence similitude resemblance uniformity similarity uniformness equivalence agreement affinity analogy comparison sameness comparableness Antonyms for alikeness dissimilarity unlikeness difference disagreement

  • Aliment

    Synonyms for aliment noun food fare nutrition nourishment edible victuals provender nutriment eats sustenance pabulum foodstuff nurture comestible provision esculent Antonyms for aliment deprivation starvation

  • Alimental

    Synonyms for alimental adj healthy balanced beneficial good healthful invigorating nourishing nutrient salubrious salutary wholesome nutritive alimentative health-giving nutrimental strengthening Antonyms for alimental insubstantial unhealthful bad unhealthy unwholesome Synonyms adj pertaining to food alimentary balanced beneficial good healthful invigorating nourishing nutrient nutritious salubrious salutary wholesome alimentative health-giving nutrimental nutritional strengthening

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