Synonyms for allegedly
adv by allegation


as stated


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  • Allegiance

    Synonyms for allegiance noun loyalty fealty faithfulness homage obedience dedication adherence deference fidelity obligation devotion duty constancy piety ardor consecration honor Antonyms for allegiance disloyalty treachery dishonor faithlessness disobedience apathy enmity sedition treason inconstancy

  • Allegiant

    Synonyms for allegiant adj faithful constant dependable devoted firm liege loyal reliable staunch steadfast unswerving unwavering true

  • Alleging

    Synonyms for allege verb assert; claim depose plead testify cite charge maintain recount declare recite advance avow offer avouch affirm adduce state lay aver profess present asservate put forward Antonyms for alleging take back deny withhold contradict dissent object protest repudiate withdraw take disagree

  • Allegory

    Synonyms for allegory noun indirect representation, storytelling figuration parable emblem myth symbol story tale moral fable symbolism apologue symbolization typification Antonyms for allegory non-fiction truth

  • Allegorical

    Synonyms for allegorical adj symbolic figurative metaphorical illustrative emblematic parabolic symbolizing typifying Antonyms for allegorical untypical not representative

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