Synonyms for alternation
noun repeated rotation




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  • Alternative

    Synonyms for alternative adj other, alternate different second substitute surrogate another back-up flipside other side Synonyms noun possible choice opportunity option substitute selection recourse sub redundancy preference pick other druthers back-up other fish in sea other fish to fry take it or leave it Antonyms rejection compulsion necessity obligation constraint restraint

  • Alternative medicine

    Synonyms for alternative medicine noun complementary medicine folk medicine faith healing holistic medicine natural medicine unconventional medicine unorthodox medicine

  • Alternative practitioners

    Synonyms for alternative practitioners noun medicine man or woman faith healer healer medicine man priest shaman sorcerer voodoo wizard alternative practitioner isangoma mundunugu obeah doctor wangateur Synonyms noun spiritual healer healer shaman witch doctor alternative practitioner nonmedical therapist priest-doctor

  • Alternative school

    Synonyms for alternative school noun nontraditional school alternate school

  • Alters conviction

    Synonyms for alters conviction verb change belief, especially regarding religion turn move bring lead save budge persuade incline reform regenerate actuate redeem impel proselyte bias convince baptize bend brainwash proselytize sway bring around change of heart alter conviction assimilate to be born again cause to adopt change into create anew lead to believe make over […]

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