Synonyms for animalism
noun physicality





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    Synonyms for animalistic adj lecherous, desiring sex animal bodily carnal erotic gross lascivious lewd lustful profane sensual voluptuous venereal Antonyms for animalistic spiritual immaterial religious mentally Synonyms adj physical, erotic voluptuous sensuous sexy exciting sexual tactile X-rated animal bodily carnal debauched delightful epicurean fleshly heavy hot lascivious lecherous lewd libidinous licentious lustful moving pleasing rough […]

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    Synonyms for animality noun physicality animalism sensuality fleshliness animalness Concept Thesaurus for word animality 1. Vitality; special vitality Synonyms – noun animal life animalness flesh animation corporeal nature flesh and blood animality human system physique animalization breath. strength Synonyms – adjectives fleshly human corporeal. EXPAND

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