Synonyms for assort
verb arrange or order





Antonyms for assort


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  • Assorted

    Synonyms for assorted adj various sundry mixed motley diversified varied variegated different diverse heterogeneous hybrid indiscriminate miscellaneous Antonyms for assorted like similar same unvaried

  • Assortment

    Synonyms for assortment noun variety sort selection combination hodgepodge collection mixture jumble array mishmash kind group garbage miscellany medley choice diversity potpourri mélange mixed bag combo

  • Assuage

    Synonyms for assuage verb soothe, relieve satisfy mitigate placate appease quench lessen soften sate alleviate pacify mollify allay temper tranquilize fill surfeit palliate conciliate ease moderate quiet propitiate compose lighten calm still cool sweeten lull make nice pour oil on take the edge off take the sting out Antonyms for assuage dissatisfy incite increase intensify […]

  • Assuagement

    Synonyms for assuagement noun relief appeasement easement alleviation abatement mitigation palliation mollification

  • Assertion

    Synonyms for assertion noun declaration, positive statement affirmation pronouncement contention allegation insistence okay maintenance profession attestation defense avowal vindication report mouthful predication asservation say so stamp of approval stressing two cents’ worth Antonyms for assertion desertion quiet silence denial rejection Other adjectives related to assertion absolute categorical declaratory emphatic formal pointed pronunciative trenchant affirmatory certain […]

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