Synonyms for attainings
noun acquiring





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  • Attainment

    Synonyms for attainment noun achievement, accomplishment fulfillment realization arrival completion acquirement reaching getting winning procurement finish feat acquisition securing gaining obtaining reaping succeeding Antonyms for attainment forfeit loss miss surrender failure

  • Attains

    Synonyms for attain verb achieve, accomplish earn secure reach obtain gain promote reap realize complete cop unzip hit score get win acquire procure snag succeed grasp fulfill effect arrive bring off come through pull off rack up accede to arrive at get fat get hands on get there glom onto latch onto make it Antonyms […]

  • Attains majority

    Synonyms for attains majority verb become adult, fully grown evolve develop mushroom blossom ripen mellow bloom grow perfect advance flower season age culminate prime maturate progress arrive round fill out grow up attain majority become experienced become wise come of age reach adulthood reach majority settle down shoot up Antonyms for attains majority decrease lessen […]

  • Attaint

    Synonyms for attaint noun stain blot disgrace tarnish spot dishonor taint shame blemish black eye black mark humiliation ignominy stigma Antonyms for attaint esteem honor respect

  • Attainted

    Synonyms for attainted verb find guilty imprison condemn sentence frame adjudge attaint rap doom put away bring to justice declare guilty pass sentence on pronounce guilty put the screws to send up the river send up throw the book at Antonyms for attainted release exonerate liberate free Synonyms verb bring shame upon sully defile disparage […]

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