Based on hard data

Synonyms for based on hard data
adj based on sound reasoning


based on hard facts


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  • Based on hard facts

    Synonyms for based on hard facts adj based on sound reasoning factual solid based on hard data proven rock-solid substantiated

  • Based on hearsay

    Synonyms for based on hearsay adj informal unreliable unscientific Antonyms for based on hearsay scientific

  • Based on theory

    Synonyms for based on theory adv deducing from general principle derivable presumptive rational supposed theoretical inferred deduced deductive reasoned

  • Baseless

    Synonyms for baseless adj without substantiation unwarranted unsubstantiated gratuitous unjustified groundless flimsy untenable unjustifiable unfounded bottomless unsupported foundationless reasonless unconfirmed uncorroborated ungrounded Antonyms for baseless warranted based called-for reasonable justified proven

  • Basely

    Synonyms for basely adv deceitfully treacherously unscrupulously maliciously crookedly dishonestly dishonorably disloyally faithlessly falseheartedly malevolently perfidiously roguishly traitorously underhandedly unfaithfully behind one’s back Antonyms for basely truthfully honestly

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