Synonyms for believability
noun verisimilitude





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  • Believable

    Synonyms for believable adj trustworthy credible satisfying persuasive convincing plausible reasonable conceivable authentic aboveboard acceptable creditable fiduciary honest-to-god imaginable impressive likely possible presumable presumptive probable rational reliable straight tenable tried trusty unquestionable up front colorable credential supposable Antonyms for believable implausible improbable inconceivable unbelievable unimaginable unlikely unconvincing unreliable unthinkable incredible unreasonable unbelieveable

  • Believably

    Synonyms for believably adv likely to happen doubtless presumably perhaps possibly apparently dollars to doughnuts maybe reasonably perchance seemingly no doubt plausibly as likely as not as the case may be assumably expediently feasibly imaginably in all likelihood in all probability like enough most likely one can assume practicably presumptively to all appearances Antonyms for […]

  • Believe

    Synonyms for believe verb trust, rely on hold consider conclude regard accept admit understand have suppose trust think buy affirm conceive credit deem posit postulate presuppose swallow accredit count on fall for swear by take it attach weight to be certain of be convinced of be credulous be of the opinion give credence to have […]

  • Believe in

    Synonyms for believe in verb depend upon count on rely on assume stake trust venture wager bet on build on lean on look to be sure about gamble on reckon on Synonyms verb depend on; rely bank on bargain for believe heed score swear by tab trust aim for bet bottom dollar bet on expect […]

  • Believeable

    Synonyms for believeable adj persuasive credible trustworthy satisfactory satisfying impressive solid reliable powerful plausible cogent probable reasonable telling authentic conclusive sound moving acceptable dependable faithful hopeful incontrovertible likely possible presumable rational trusty valid swaying Antonyms for believeable implausible improbable unbelievable unlikely undependable unreliable untrustworthy ineffective insignificant unimportant impotent unconvincing weak unreasonable doubtful dubious incredible unpersuasive […]

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