Synonyms for bemoaner
noun lamenter


bereaved person


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  • Bemoaning

    Synonyms for bemoan verb express sorrow mourn deplore regret lament bewail complain rue cry over spilled milk grieve for moan over sing the blues weep for beat one’s breast Antonyms for bemoaning praise gloat be happy

  • Bemoanings

    Synonyms for bemoanings noun mental suffering heartache gloom melancholy pain regret agony sorrow heartbreak mourning discomfort sadness despair remorse bereavement misery woe trouble anguish worry unhappiness grievance distress dole affliction harassment mortification depression dejection disquiet tribulation wretchedness mournfulness purgatory torture desolation despondency rue care trial malaise dolor vexation lamenting infelicity lamentation bemoaning bewailing deploring repining […]

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    Synonyms for bemuse verb confuse perplex bewilder puzzle muddle amaze daze stupefy stun overwhelm paralyze moon addle daydream pipe dream gather wool Antonyms for bemuse enlighten explain clarify clear up illuminate tell

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    Synonyms for bemused adj absent-minded distracted absent preoccupied lost abstracted engrossed absorbed dreamy faraway inattentive a million miles away Antonyms for bemused existing bored disinterested uninterested unoccupied Synonyms adj confused bewildered dazed perplexed befuddled puzzled discombobulated thrown muddled stupefied fuzzy flustered Antonyms clear

  • Bemusement

    Synonyms for bemusement noun absent-mindedness abstraction reverie trance daydreaming musing dreaminess Synonyms noun confusion puzzlement befuddlement bewilderedness bafflement

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