Synonyms for besetment
noun annoyance





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  • Besetting

    Synonyms for beset verb plague; hem in bedevil perplex besiege beleaguer surround embarrass invade overrun hassle infest encompass ring badger aggress nudge nag pester attack storm strike circle encircle compass assail bug entangle girdle ride dog harass environ harry enclose pick on drive up the wall fall on fall upon give a bad time give […]

  • Beside

    Synonyms for beside adv next to adjoining alongside aside by cheek by jowl near nearby neck and neck neighboring opposite round side by side with a step from abreast of adjacent to at the edge of at the side of bordering on close at hand close to close upon connected with contiguous to fornent in […]

  • Beside one another

    Synonyms for beside one another adv in close proximity close crowded hand in glove hand in hand side by side arm in arm by the side of cheek to cheek close together on one side shoulder to shoulder very intimate yardarm to yardarm

  • Beside oneself

    Synonyms for beside oneself adj in a panic agitated anxious berserk bothered crazed delirious demented distraught distressed frantic frenetic hysterical insane mad overwrought raving unbalanced unhinged upset carried away rattled shook up very upset worked-up out of one’s mind out of one’s wit Usage Notes For the prepositional meanings “over and above, in addition to” […]

  • Beside the point

    Synonyms for beside the point adj not pertaining to extraneous immaterial inapplicable incidental inconsequential insignificant irrelevant pointless unimportant unrelated wide of the mark beside the question nihil ad rem not at issue not important not to the purpose off the subject wide of the point

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