Synonyms for bewilderment
noun puzzlement





Antonyms for bewilderment


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  • Bewildering

    Synonyms for bewilder verb confuse mystify confound stump perplex rattle befuddle puzzle bemuse upset distract baffle daze stupefy fluster disconcert snow floor throw muddle addle ball up mix up mess with one’s head Antonyms for bewildering enlighten explain explicate soothe calm comfort orient clear up clarify help

  • Bewilderedness

    Synonyms for bewilderedness noun daze befuddlement bewilderment confusion discombobulation fog muddle perplexity puzzlement stupefaction stupor bafflement

  • Bewildered

    Synonyms for bewildered adj confused perplexed stunned puzzled shocked startled befuddled dazed surprised thrown stupefied lost reeling addled dumbfounded disconcerted stumped misled dizzy muddled agape aghast agog bowled over dumbstruck giddy punchy speechless thunderstruck uncertain baffled rattled awed mystified astonished staggered flustered flabbergasted dazzled astounded appalled floored awe-struck flipped out in a dither shook up […]

  • Biannual

    Synonyms for biannual adj occurring twice a year semiannual half-yearly Usage Notes See bi-1.

  • Bias

    Synonyms for bias noun belief in one way; partiality intolerance favoritism tilt bigotry prejudice preference leaning unfairness tendency inclination penchant bent predisposition turn prepossession spin flash standpoint proneness propensity preconception disposition predilection mind-set viewpoint chauvinism proclivity one-sidedness illiberality head-set mind trip narrowmindedness Antonyms for bias fairness dislike hate disinclination antipathy impartiality justness justice tolerance Synonyms […]

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