Synonyms for coexist
verb exist together



exist side-by-side

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  • Coexistence

    Synonyms for coexistence noun happening or being at same time, place peace harmony accord concurrence coincidence conjunction conformity order contemporaneousness synchronicity simultaneousness coetaneousness coevality Antonyms for coexistence fighting refusal disagreement difference Other adjectives related to coexistence associated with coevous concurrent isochronous synchronistical coetaneous coexisting contemporaneous simultaneous synchronous coeternal coincident contemporary synchronal coeval concomitant equaeval synchronical […]

  • Coexisting

    Synonyms for coexist verb exist together synchronize coincide exist side-by-side

  • Coextending

    Synonyms for coextending adj aligned, side-by-side coordinate lateral alongside equidistant laterally coextensive extending equally in the same direction never meeting running alongside Antonyms for coextending zigzag dissimilar divergent crooked separate skewed different

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    Synonyms for coextensive adj adequate, corresponding compatible comparable sufficient consistent proportionate appropriate due equal equivalent fit fitting symmetrical in accord Antonyms for coextensive incompatible unsuitable inadequate inappropriate incommensurate unacceptable unfitting Synonyms adj similar comparable alike related agnate cognate twin close matching same uniform conforming resembling corresponding equivalent consonant parallel double equal near allied akin analogous […]

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