Synonyms for deceitfully
adv faithlessly




Antonyms for deceitfully




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  • Deceitfulness

    Synonyms for deceitfulness noun craftiness double-dealing wile duplicity knavery Antonyms for deceitfulness honesty forthrightness

  • Deceivable

    Synonyms for deceivable adj tolerant, permissive flexible soft accommodating amenable benign charitable clement compassionate compliant condoning easygoing forbearing forgiving gentle gullible indulgent kindly lax lenient liberal light merciful mild moderate naive submissive susceptible sympathetic temperate tractable trusting biddable dupable exploitable deludable excusing fleeceable humoring mollycoddling pampering pardoning spoiling unburdensome unoppressive unsuspicious Antonyms for deceivable rigid […]

  • Deceive

    Synonyms for deceive verb mislead; be dishonest fool trick victimize cheat swindle dupe betray disappoint entrap hoodwink circumvent falsify defraud delude scam clip rob ensnare hoax hook beguile fake sell screw gouge gull outwit cozen bamboozle beat burn humbug fleece bilk skin con double-cross put on take advantage of take in buffalo beat out of […]

  • Deceive oneself

    Synonyms for deceive oneself verb mix up, misunderstand misread misinterpret miscalculate overlook confuse misjudge underestimate misconstrue goof miscount err botch addle lapse omit misconceive blunder confound snarl slip fail jumble tangle miss bungle misapprehend overestimate be off the mark be wrong get wrong have wrong impression make a mess misdeem misknow miss the boat not […]

  • Deceived

    Synonyms for deceived adj led astray taken trapped fooled conned played hoaxed bamboozled victimized baited lured gulled culled betrayed hoodwinked snared duped had Antonyms for deceived informed trusted Synonyms adj led into an erroneous conclusion deluded misled mistaken misapprehending Antonyms informed trusted Synonyms adj cheated swindled defrauded imposed upon Antonyms informed trusted

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