Synonyms for detestation
noun loathing





Antonyms for detestation



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  • Detested

    Synonyms for detest verb hate; feel disgust toward despise abhor loathe repudiate abominate reject execrate be allergic to dislike intensely down on feel aversion toward feel hostility toward feel repugnance toward have no use for recoil from Antonyms for detested admire cherish adore prize respect like love approve

  • Detestings

    Synonyms for detestings noun hating odium swearing curse abhorrence blasphemy imprecation condemnation abomination anathema malediction denunciation damnation detestation hatred profanity loathing contempt vilification excoriation cursing cussing detesting Antonyms for detestings compliment praise liking approval regard respect blessing love loving

  • Dethrone

    Synonyms for dethrone verb oust depose dismiss displace degrade unmake discrown uncrown Antonyms for dethrone crown enthrone put in power

  • Detonate

    Synonyms for detonate verb set off bomb explode blast blow up burst discharge bang fulminate mushroom kablooey let go push the button shoot off touch off va-voom Antonyms for detonate dismantle

  • Detonation

    Synonyms for detonation noun explosion discharge bang blast boom blowout ignition blow-up

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