Synonyms for equivalency
noun equivalence




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  • Equivalent

    Synonyms for equivalent adj same, similar identical comparable corresponding equal proportionate tantamount commensurate even agnate correspondent like reciprocal duplicate correlative carbon convertible copy parallel substitute ditto akin alike analogous homologous indistinguishable interchangeable synonymous of a kind same difference Antonyms for equivalent dissimilar opposite unlike changeable different unequal mismatched Synonyms noun equal, counterpart correspondent like reciprocal […]

  • Equivalent projection

    Synonyms for equivalent projection noun map projection aphylactic projection authalic projection equal-area map projection equiareal projection homalographic projection homological projection

  • Equivalent projections

    Synonyms for equivalent projections noun map projection aphylactic projection authalic projection equal-area map projection equiareal projection equivalent projection homalographic projection homological projection

  • Equivalently

    Synonyms for equivalently adv similarly likewise comparatively equally evenly similarly uniformly analogously comparably consonantly correspondingly identically in accordance with in common in the same degree in the same manner the same way Antonyms for equivalently differently unequally dissimilarly unevenly Synonyms adv evenly fairly uniformly justly equitably coequally coordinately correspondingly fifty-fifty identically impartially proportionately symmetrically Antonyms […]

  • Equivocacies

    Synonyms for equivocacies noun uncertainty of meaning vagueness doubt uncertainty equivocation obscurity puzzle doubtfulness dubiousness tergiversation indefiniteness enigma unclearness anagram dubiety incertitude equivocality polysemy inconclusiveness indeterminateness double meaning double-entendre equivocacy polysemousness Antonyms for equivocacies clarity clearness lucidity certainty definiteness explicitness

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