Synonyms for forgiven
adj excused



taken back

welcomed home

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  • Forgiveness

    Synonyms for forgiveness noun pardon; end of blame reprieve mercy remission compassion vindication clemency dispensation amnesty grace absolution charity extenuation lenity exculpation quittance condonation impunity quarter justification acquittal respite purgation lenience indemnity exoneration immunity palliation remittal overlooking Antonyms for forgiveness cruelty accusation censure punishment sentence meanness blame mercilessness charge Concept Thesaurus for word forgiveness 2. […]

  • Forgiveness period

    Synonyms for forgiveness period noun extra time before paying moratorium

  • Forgiveness periods

    Synonyms for forgiveness periods noun extra time before paying moratorium forgiveness period

  • Forgives me

    Synonyms for forgives me interj pardon me sorry I beg your pardon forgive me I’m sorry

  • Forgives and forget

    Synonyms for forgives and forget verb compensate, reconcile accommodate atone balance bury the hatchet compose conciliate counterbalance counterpoise mend offset outweigh pacify recompense redeem redress requite settle countervail come to terms forgive and forget make amends make peace set off shake hands Antonyms for forgives and forget tell truth disagree be real Synonyms verb compromise […]

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