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Synonyms for geographic
adj terrestrial




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  • Geographical

    Synonyms for geographical adj terrestrial earthly geographic geological topographical

  • Geography

    Synonyms for geography noun the earth’s features; study of land topography geopolitics earth science geology cartography physiography topology chorography geopolitical study physiographics Other adjectives related to geography alluvial circumpolar fallow landed maritime pelagic subantarctic sylvan territorial bipolar conformal glebous landlocked midland pratal subarctic tellurian transcontinental bosky continental insular littoral offshore predial subtropical terrene campestrian earthy […]

  • Geologic

    Synonyms for geologic adj made of metal golden iron hard leaden silvery mineral fusible metallurgic ory rocklike stannic tinny

  • Geological

    Synonyms for geological adj terrestrial earthly geographic topographical

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