Synonyms for idling
adj lounging





Antonyms for idling


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  • Idling away

    Synonyms for idling away verb have fun dance caper trifle disport toy rejoice cavort romp carouse frisk joke clown jump revel sport dally skip divert frolic gambol carry on cut up fool around horse around mess around show off kibitz amuse oneself be life of party cut capers entertain oneself go on a spree idle […]

  • Idling away time

    Synonyms for idling away time verb waste time summer amuse oneself consume time fritter away time have leisure idle away time pass the time while away the time sit on one’s hands

  • Idlings

    Synonyms for idlings noun dawdling idling delay loafing trifling delaying poking playing procrastination toying dabbling dilly-dallying frittering frivoling loitering procrastinating puttering Antonyms for idlings hastening hurrying push rush

  • Idly

    Synonyms for idly adv indolently nonchalantly slowly leisurely slackly

  • Idol

    Synonyms for idol noun person greatly admired deity hero darling icon simulacrum desire god image favorite beloved inamorata dear fetish golden calf superstar goddess eidolon false god graven image pagan symbol Antonyms for idol hate

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