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Synonyms for illuminated
adj lighted


lit up

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  • Illuminati

    Synonyms for illuminati noun intellectual, very smart person scholar brain sage egghead savant genius academic whiz philosopher bluestocking intelligentsia academician thinker Einstein illuminato literato longhair Antonyms for illuminati imbecile ignoramus

  • Illuminating

    Synonyms for illuminating adj lighting up enlightening illuminated incandescent luminescent fluorescent

  • Illumination

    Synonyms for illumination noun light; making light brightness radiance beam gleam flash brilliance lighting flame ray lights brightening Antonyms for illumination dimness ignorance misconception obscurity dullness darkness misunderstanding vagueness Synonyms noun clear understanding enlightenment information instruction clarification revelation insight perception edification teaching education awareness inspiration Antonyms ignorance dimness misconception obscurity darkness misunderstanding vagueness

  • Illuminative

    Synonyms for illuminative adj educational academic cultural didactic edifying educative enlightening informative instructional instructive scholarly informational scholastic tutorial

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