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Synonyms for incitement
noun motive




Antonyms for incitements


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  • Inciter

    Synonyms for inciter noun agitator pusher radical agent propagandist troublemaker incendiary partisan zealot malcontent instigator champion reactionary advocate dissident ringleader revolutionary heretic fighter rabble-rouser firebrand demagogue anarchist rebel leftist mover reformer revisionist dogmatist fomenter provocateur adjy disrupter sparkplug wave maker Antonyms for inciter peacemaker moderate

  • Incitive

    Synonyms for incitive adj instigative, angering incendiary intemperate provocative exciting explosive fiery insurgent rabid rebellious revolutionary riotous seditious anarchic demagogic inflaming rabble-rousing seditionary Antonyms for incitive calming pleasing mitigating placating tranquilizing

  • Inciting

    Synonyms for incite verb encourage, provoke urge abet rouse arouse inspire whip up motivate exhort agitate inflame encourage trigger prompt provoke spur instigate foment activate force actuate persuade further animate craze raise goad solicit taunt forward set prick influence excite induce inspirit promote coax drive impel push stimulate egg on juice work up set off […]

  • Incivility

    Synonyms for incivility noun discourtesy disrespect coarseness rudeness bad manners impoliteness discourteousness unmannerliness Antonyms for incivility politeness

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