More ratable

Synonyms for more ratable
adj subject to tax




Antonyms for more ratable



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    Synonyms for rated adj ranked graded classified placed estimated measured weighted classed appraised evaluated

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    Synonyms for more ratified adj certified recognized sanctioned supported authorized backed accepted endorsed permitted chosen certain ratified passed allowed validated legalized affirmed proven made official vouched for OK’d Antonyms for more ratified refused uncertain disapproved Synonyms adj signed sanctioned supported recommended backed settled approved upheld blessed sealed ratified concluded underwritten legalized notarized sponsored commended advocated […]

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    Synonyms for ratiocinative adj logical analytic analytical clear cogent coherent commonsensical compelling congruent consequent consistent convincing deducible discerning discriminating fair germane inferential intelligent judicious justifiable kosher legit legitimate lucid necessary obvious perceptive perspicuous pertinent plausible rational relevant sensible sound subtle telling valid wise extensional holding together holding water juridicious most likely well-organized

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